User Guide: Project Overview

This page provides basic project information and statistics.


  • Number of screens defined in the questionnaire
  • Number of questions
  • Number of variables can be different from number of questions. One question can involve several variables. There are also question types without variables (text description).

Fieldwork (counts)

  • Entered – number of respondents who displayed at least the first question of the questionnaire
  • Completes – number of respondents who reached the end of the questionnaire
  • Screen out – number of respondents who did not qualify in screening questions
  • Quota full – number of respondents who were blocked due to closed quota
  • Not finished – number of respondents who entered the questionnaire and did not completed it/interrupted
  • Min. date – time and date of the first questionnaire
  • Max date – time and date of the last questionnaire

Questionnaire length (minutes)

  • Mean – average time spent in the questionnaire
  • Percentile 10% -– time spent by the lower 10% of the sample
  • Median – time spent by the lower half (50%) of the sample
  • Percentile 66% – time spent by the lower 66%
  • Percentile 90% – time spent by the lower 66%