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2023-04-04 Major Update

  • New functions: 

    • Hash unique parameter in redirects
    • Notification if quota is filled or not filled
    • Date question valid date from and valid date to extended functionality
    • .pdf files allowed to add image/media dialog
    • Change project setting – created by
  • Screen Times update and review
  • Unlimited going back with Back button
  • SPSS labels update
  • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

    2023-01-30 Major Update

    • New functions: 

      • Filter online reports in result page
      • New option in autocomplete question sub-type
      • Search channel and project tool
      • Recoded data file type (replacing values with value labels)
      • Create unique links in my sample type channel
      • Change respondent status
      • Copy questionnaire from definition file
    • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

      2022-12-13 Major Update

      • New functions: 

        • User management update – user roles, surveys visibility and accessibility, share survey, sharing users between accounts
        • Codebook update – Complete description of system variables at the beginning of the file
        • Republish update
        • Delete Survey
        • CSS in survey settings
        • Change respondent status
        • Copy questionnaire from definition file
      • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

          2022-10-12 Major Update

          • New functions: 

            • Print view of questionnaire
            • Code book – an excel file, which shows labels, conditions, names of questionnaire items etc.
            • Authentication screen for resp
            • New option in Grid type question: Hide grid cell
            • New answer required option – semi-mandatory question (no with basic alert)
            • Publish – New version of questionnaire (only new respondents see changes) – alternative to rePublish 
            • Channel connection to PAM as default for PAM accounts and security improvement
          • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

            2022-09-04 Major Update

            • New functions: 

              • New subtype of text question – Time
              • New subtype of text question – Date
              • Page detail – new buttons (save and close a back to Questions)
              • New action – Quota-full 
              • Questions – Buk insert update
            • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

              2022-07-13 Major Update

              • New functions: 

                • New subtype of grid question – Accordion
                • New subtype of numeric question – Slider and Vertical slider
                • Respondent parameter
                • Redirect page – use of a parameter other than resp
                • PII question with sensitive personal data
                • Password recovery
                • Answer Categories in other question types
              • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                2022-06-07 Major Update

                • New functions: 

                  • Answer Required – no with alert (Questions)
                  • Responsive mobile design settings (Questions)
                  • Auto Action (Channel tab)
                • Library of User defined questions and JavaSripts
                • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                  2022-05-26 Major Update

                  • New functions: 

                    • Answer Categories in multiple categorical question

                  • Autocomplete update
                  • New option: Delete comments
                  • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                    2022-04-05 Major Update

                    • New functions: 

                      • Excel exports added to Result tab and Questions – Titles and answers

                      • Excel import added (set of links) – directly to redirect page or channel
                      • Improvement of import in Sample access – My Sample (check of resp_id uniqueness, correct e-mail addres format etc.)
                      • Redirect tag added in the My Surveys table 
                    • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                      2022-03-08 Major Update

                      • New functions:
                        • Excel exports in OpenSurvey
                        • Response answers in SPSS .sav (beta) version
                      • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2022-02-09 Major Update

                        • New functions: 

                          • Export and import dirextly to/from .xls in translation module
                          • Mobile device emulation in testing links
                          • Upgrade of bulk insert in Page actions
                          • Add custom head script to project
                          • More options in results download (statuses, channels etc.)
                          • Improved calculation of total questionnaire completion time (Spent_time)
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2022-12-10 Major Update

                        • New functions:
                          • Automated data sending to third party (client)
                          • Automated Bot detection – invisible google reCAPTCHA v3

                        2021-10-08 Major Update

                        • Custom closed channel text in Channel detail – possibility to change default message for closed channels

                        • New functions  ANSWERCOUNT and COUNT:
                          • COUNT: shows number of responses in specified question 
                          • ANSWERCOUNT: shows number of responses chosen by respondent in specified question
                        • State_id in circle Ids – 3rd column added into circle IDs file
                        • Added open and open required option to multiple numerical question
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2021-06-30 Major Update

                        • Questionnaire’s logic and routing overview – NEW function added as a button Show Logic  in Questions submenu
                        • Windows encoding for whole European diacrtitics marks added  – windows-1252 – western European , 1254 – Turkish, 1255 – Hebrew, 1256 – Arabic , 1257 – Baltic 

                        • Copy to clipboard button in result page – NEW function added
                        • Count open as answer – New option in multiple categorical question allows user set limit of answers without counting open answer. 
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2021-06-10 Major Update

                        • Automatic closing of channel after reaching required number of completes – New channel option added
                        • Added encoding for Cyrillic alphabet – windows-1251 into export settings 
                        • System variables are added to condition wizard; e.g. [channelid], [resp] and many more
                        • New channel are now created directly in testing mode. New info is added into channel overview
                        • Option for copying projects together with channels and quota settings added
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2021-05-21 Major Update

                        • New options added to data export settings – the option to select the channel
                        • Translation module rebuild – fully functional with brand new design and version log
                        • WYSIWYG editor in emailing added
                        • Emailing updated
                        • Instant user support fully implemented – Freshchat fully implemented
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2021-04-07 Major Update

                        • Check project – extension of revision options (duplicity of labels, show conditions etc.)
                        • Collapse and expand groups – new feature added
                        • Randomization of groups – new feature added
                        • Open answer type label added to grid
                        • Recontacting – new feature for users with a PAM connected profile
                        • Question dragging in Preview and Design – newly locked by default
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2021-02-24 Major Update

                        • CATI instruction added and the option to display the question label added as a parameter to the link
                        • Login through Circle implemented
                        • Freshwork – chat added
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2020-11-24 Major Update

                        • More exlusive checkboxes to different types of questions added
                        • New parameter OS badquality 9 implemented
                        • Channels – external access + sample access   – the option to show full link including an unique parameter added
                        • Channel details – status chart added
                        • Group settings – copy group + merge group options added
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2020-09-15 Questions Update

                        • Transpose grid option implemented

                        2020-05-15 Major Update

                        • An option to transfer demography from Circle implemented

                        2020-03-31 Localization Update

                        • Ukrainian localization implemented
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2020-03-12 Result page Update

                        • https URL instead of http
                        • Logo update
                        • Footer parameter added
                        • result page – added text „displayed results are based on live raw data“
                        • result page – option to download open answers added

                        2020-02-19 Minor Update

                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2019-12-17 Major Update

                        • Channel details – status chart added
                        • Group settings – copy group + merge group options added
                        • Dummy data implemented
                        • Mass deletion od the respondents on the Results page added
                        • An autosubmit option without the „back“ and „next“ buttons requirement added

                        2019-11-28 Major Update

                        • An option to add image/media implemented.

                        2019-11-11 Major Update

                        • IS:GROSSSAMPLE newly implemented
                        • Circle integration
                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2018-12-11 GDPR Update

                        • Option to delete the questionnary added

                        2018-11-14 Minor Update

                        • Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2016-03-16 Minor Update

                        Collect: Versioning changed: you can add comment to each version, even for re-publish. Project version log added. The system also records re-publishing and stors it as a subversion. Data export includes 2 new columns – start_version (questionnaire version on start) end_version (questionnaire version on end) for the case that the version is changed during the fieldwork.

                        Database optimization

                        Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements

                        2016-01-03 Minor Update

                        Questions: Advanced star-rating module (in Single categorical and Grid questions)

                        Questions: Project Check – fixed for page names in skips

                        HTTPS optimizations

                        CATI live watch added

                        Several minor bug fixes and UX improvements


                        Project Check added: checks if all question names exist and are correcty declared in conditions (Page, Question, Channel and Quota settings)

                        Questions: Create variable in Page Settings – operations with text values

                        Questions: Added flags for Actions in the question list

                        Questions: Added flags for Skip Logic in the question list

                        Questions: Added flags for Randomizing in the question list

                        Questions: Full text search improvements

                        Questions: Improved Autosum function in Multiple text question

                        Questions: JS alerts do not start in the question list any more

                        Questions: Fixed insert of HTML5 videos in some browsers

                        Questions: Fixed insert of pictures in some browsers (in Page Design)

                        Questions: Fixed import/copy of questions to the end of a group

                        Questions: Improved the position fixing in rotated answers

                        Questions: Improved handling with negative values in both conditions and answers

                        Questions: Improved label pipelining [LABEL:Q1] for a label defined by a variable

                        Questions: new question type

                        Deeper panel integrations and external sample management added for top admins (beta)

                        All questionnaires are switched to secure HTTPS protocol now. Please change all relative paths (pictures, CSS, media) to HTTPS.


                        Settings: CSS template – file upload added

                        Questions: new HTML5 video support (Mp4+WebM formats instead of flash FLV)

                        Questions: drag & drop items (preview and design tab) – you can arrange questions and answers on the page

                        Questions: image resize – drag the red dot on the picture to resize it

                        Questions: shelf-test module added (organizing products)

                        Questions: exclusive checkbox in semi-open end questions fixed

                        Questions: row order Asc/Desc reflects the localization

                        Questions: no more hashtags in uploaded file names

                        Questions: new variables [IS:COMPLETE], [IS:SCREENOUT] and [IS:QUOTAFULL] can be used on the End page

                        Questions: new system variable [OSBrowser] detects the current browser

                        Questions: new system variable [CHANNELID] detects the currect sample channel

                        Questions: new system variable [DATE:format,days from a specific day]


                        Questions: you can copy questions/pages/groups from your other project

                        Questions: new bulk insert for rotation (labels, conditions)

                        Questions: fixed hiding system menu

                        Questions: version publishing is also available here (not necessary to go to the Collect page)

                        Questions: 3D-grid issue fixed

                        Questions: added export labels for “JS Drag Order” question

                        Questions: added export labels for single semi-open questions

                        Questions: publishing/re-publishing can be done in the notification tray

                        Questions: fixed 3D Grid issue

                        Respondents: Delete Quota added

                        Respondents: Re-calculate Quota added

                        Settings: CSS template management – you can define several custom design templates for each account

                        Settings: progressbar issue fixed

                        Results: output missing value can be customized in the export file (-1, 0,99, none etc.)

                        Results: new export options added to SPSS export (rotation labels, CSV>SPS file extension, label format)


                        Settings: template management, account templates

                        Projects: fulltext search

                        Questions: you can copy question, page or page group from another project

                        Questions: design editor (CSS moved to Preview & Design tab – double click any item to change its CSS)


                        Projects: copy questionnaire includes also CSS definition

                        Questions: inverse randomization

                        Questions: slider condition fixed

                        Questions: variable can be used in numeric limits

                        Results: new export options (multiple questions)

                        Results: system info download fixed (browsers)

                        Results: several minor fixes

                        Several UX improvements


                        Core system optimization – variable cache

                        Core system optimization – variable storage

                        Questions: new grid type – drag and drop

                        Questions: image resize available

                        Questions: custom Javascript Code for each question added

                        Questions: filter logic reflects the existing / nonexisting answers

                        Questions: basic and advanced view mode merged in Question builder

                        Questions: grid view optimization and new styling

                        Questions: question optimization – multiple numerical question – js_drag_order

                        Questions: DISPLAY IF function fixed

                        Questions: JS DRAG ORDER – labels improved

                        Questions: video upload improved

                        Questions: question sliders – initial position

                        Respondents: online access panel settings (end links, incentives) for each channel

                        Respondents: at least one channel is mandatory for a survey

                        Respondents: external authorization possible for each participant


                        Respondents – Emailing functions

                        Respondents – multiple channels available for each project

                        Respondents – quota management can be applied for the sample or any channel

                        Questions: skip to test preview from any question (enable System Info)

                        Questions: you can create custom HTML question (user defined)

                        Questions: bulk import of conditions

                        Question: you can switch the WYSIWYG editor off

                        User management

                        Results: performance optimization

                        Results: SPSS Label file improved

                        Project management: new section

                        Speed optimization

                        Bug fixes and many minor improvements

                        Several minor updates

                        Bug fixes and many minor improvements


                        UX changes in admin section

                        new wysiwyg editor

                        export: customizable data delimiter

                        help texts updated

                        editable style for each question/answer

                        autosum added for text fields

                        you can split answers in several columns (radio/checkbox, button)

                        you can split matrix into several pages

                        device detection (PC, tablets, smartphones…)

                        temporary variables are saved to datafile now

                        actions divided into „actions before“ and „action after“

                        minor bugs fixed


                        new question type: custom

                        timing functions added

                        data export: variables sorted by file location, not name

                        minor bugs fixed

                        minor ux improvements

                        timestamps added (separate export file)

                        new question types – sequential matrix, multiple text

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